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I’m using OpenVpn Server Access, not the free CE edition; I do not know if they’re different in config or in behaviours.

In the Admin GUI I see that

  • “Multiple Sessions per User” is turned ON.
  • Server config directives box already contains duplicate-cn
  • Client config directives box already contains duplicate-cn

I saved, and confirmed to propagate configs to running

On my iPad and on my Android I redownloaded the client certificate.

I opened the .ovpn file and I can see the duplicate-cn

The problem is that when I connect with the iPad, the Android will be kicked off, and viceversa.

iPad expressly tellme

Client was halted by server: disconnected due to new connection by same user.

What else to do?


In my case, the concurrent user disconnection problem ended up only affecting those with administrator privileges. It makes sense, since the option “Allow VPN users with Administrator privilege to access all VPN client IP addresses” was also checked, and this would understandably create routing collisions (each of the user’s connections would be accessing the other’s LAN, which are the same, at least in the case of the user who was having the issue).

But this is not my case User being disconnected when same user login from another device has not admin pribivileges on OpenVpn, it’s a normal user


This feature, multiple connection for single users, is not compatible with static IP address.

I am not using static IPs.

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