#StackBounty: #package-management #dpkg How can I make dpkg-buildpackage stop after running configure?

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I have a source package which I’d like to explore using rtags in a code editor.
The standard way of doing this is to dry-run the makefile produced by the build system feeding it to rtags so that it could use those commands for contextual source code navigation and auto-completion.


Normally, I would just autogen/autoconf/configure to obtain a makefile and then dry-run the build with make -nk.

However, since I’m working with a Debian package, I need to use the Debian-specific configuration commands with dpkg-buildpackage or dpkg-source in order for the source code navigation to reflect the same build options that were used in the official builds.

I looked through buildpackage‘s man page but couldn’t find any options that would stop the build after the ./configure step, before any actual build commands are executed. While it does have the --build=source(-S) option, it doesn’t do what I want: it applies Ubuntu-specific patches and then stops before running automake/configure. This is unacceptable, since I want the automake/configure step to be executed as well.


How can I make dpkg-buildpackage stop AFTER running autogen/automake/configure but BEFORE running make?

The suggested approach should work for the dnsutils source package.

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