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So this one is a serious head-scratcher that is proving much more difficult to resolve than at first glance.

I have a Client that runs a small business. They are a husband and wife team and use Gmail with the Gmelius add-on to run their business. Both the husband and wife use the same e-mail account via Gmail. The husband takes care of sales and the wife organizes the service for the Customer once a sale has been made. They use the same e-mail address for all of this and they answer all e-mails as the wife (even the sales ones written by the husband) in order to keep everything simple.

The husband wants to be able to search Gmail for all e-mails only he needs to reply to (pre-sales) so he can tackle just those without seeing any of the e-mails the wife has to reply to (post-sales). The wife would like to be able to do the same with the e-mails only she has to attend.

Here is the problem I am having attempting to resolve this for them. Because they use Gmelius which is based on conversations, the conversation in Gmail must remain the same when the husband passes it on to the wife (e.g. after a Customer is closed). So this is an important constraint. The first, most obvious, and “intuitive” solution I attempted for them was to simply use Labels whereby when a new inquiry comes in from their website server, a Gmail filter adds the “Husband” Label which the Husband does not remove from the conversation until the Customer is closed, with the idea being that the Husband can tackle all his e-mails by simply searching for in:inbox label:Husband and the wife can tackle all her e-mails by simply searching for in:inbox -label:Husband.

Simple enough, right? Wrong! That does NOT work because Gmail assigns Labels per message, not per conversation. So when the first inquiry comes in from the server which gets filtered with the “Husband” label automatically added to it, it’s only that first message that actually gets the “Husband” label. Every subsequent message between the Husband and the Customer in that same conversation does not actually have the “Husband” label (even though the conversation still misleadingly shows the “Husband label at the top), and therefore when the Husband searches for “in:inbox label:Husband”, new e-mail replies from Customers whose original inquiry had the “Husband” label do NOT show up under his search. It took me ages and a lot of pulled hairs for me to figure this out!

I then thought about changing the subject whereby the Husband’s e-mails have “[Inquiry]” at the end and when he passes it on to the wife he simply changes that part of the subject to “[Booked]” and they each search for subjects with either “inquiry” (husband) or “booked” (wife), but that doesn’t solve their problem because changing the subject creates a new conversation, so the wife loses all the Gmelius Notes the husband had created in the original pre-sales conversation. So changing the subject seems to be out.

Next, I tried using Stars instead of Labels (yellow-starred e-mails for the husband, unstarred e-mails for the wife), hoping that Stars are applied per conversation (unlike Labels). However, trial and error proved that Stars are also added per message, unfortunately. So stars also seem to be out.

Lastly, this workaround to the per-message Label issue is not feasible because it would have to be done constantly every single time a pre-sales Customer replies.

Thus, I am stuck and cannot for the life of me figure out how to set up their Gmail in a way that they can each do a (bookmarked) search for all the e-mails each of them is responsible for (pre-sales for the husband, post-sales for the wife, no mixing or intersecting) considering:

  1. they both use the same e-mail address,
  2. both pre-sales and post-sales e-mails must be part of the same conversation so that the wife has all the Gmelius notes and e-mail history of the Customers, and
  3. Labels are applied per message and not per conversation.

Surely there has to be a way to resolve this within the constraints above, but I’m running out of hair!

How can I solve this?


If a new email inquiry from the server gets assigned a “Husband” label by a Gmail filter (filter: if new email from server, assign “Husband” label), but subsequent replies from the husband and from Customers in that same conversation started by the server do not get assigned any label because there is no filter for their email address and filters can’t be created based on labels, then new replies in that conversation will NOT show up when searching for in:inbox label:Husband because the new replies from the Customers do not have the “Husband” label assigned despite the conversation they’re in showing the “Husband” label due to the first message (email inquiry from server) having the “Husband” label. So, considering all of that, how can this problem be resolved automatically so that the husband (and wife) can see all his new emails and only his new emails with one simple search considering labels are applied per message (not per conversation) and there doesn’t seem to be a way to differentiate/filter between replies to the husband and replies to the wife since they are using the same e-mail address?

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