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I’ve read the documentation on Yarn, and I know the lock file is supposed to be committed to VC. See this and which explains at a high-level why the lock file is necessary, and this which lists a bunch of commands without much explanation of what they actually do!

I’ve also read a lot of questions on SO which asks about whether the lock file should be committed to VC.

However, all the documentation and SO threads seems to overlook the detail that I want to know, which is the following; What is the correct procedure (the correct bunch of commands to run) for:

  1. Updating the yarn.lock file when I need to (i.e. in the development environment where I want to pull the latest minor versions and update the lock file to reflect this)
  2. For keeping my lock file in synch with other developers to ensure that they are developing/testing from the exact same dependency versions, and
  3. For updating/re-synching the node_modules directory on the production server (i.e. to ensure that the production server isn’t running on a different/breaking version of dependant packages)

I ask partly because in the past while doing a git pull on the server, I’ve faced messages telling me that the yarn.lock file has been updated independently of the development/VC process. As far as I’m concerned, this should never be allowed to happen.

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