#StackBounty: #vpn #ip #openvpn #pfsense Client side ip6 address shows up as ip4:port address on firewall

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I setup access to my family’s home server over VPN, restricted by ip address. Sometimes a family member would have an ip6 address (they Google “ip”) from their location. My firewall (pfsense) accepts ip6 addresses but the VPN refuses to connect to their ip6 address. When I look at my firewall’s logs, I see an ip4 address on a specific port attempting to connect to my firewall. If I use that ip4 address that I found in the logs as the VPN source, the VPN starts working.

Are the ip6 addresses being translated to ip4 address with a specific port?
Currently, I only add the ip4 address part. Am I allowing a larger range of ips to connect to my firewall since I’m not specifying the port?

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