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I’m considering migrating a dozen low-volume domains to WorkMail. The simplicity is tempting, but there are two features of my existing homemade Postfix & Procmail setup that I’m having a hard time figuring out how to support with WorkMail.

The first issue is that WorkMail doesn’t seem to support group aliases that redirect outside the WorkMail organization. E.g., if I want to replicate this type of /etc/aliases entry I’m stuck:

foo-friends: alice@example.com, bob@example.org, chris@meta.example.net

I have one such group alias that’s important enough to bother doing this for in WorkMail, but it looks like there’s simply not away to do it. Am I wrong?

The other issue is supporting simple aliases across domains, particularly for role accounts like www and the like but especially postmaster and abuse. It looks like the only way to support postmaster@mydomain0.com and postmaster@mydomain1.com and postmaster@mydomain2.com is to set up individual aliases for these, one at a time. And if I have a dozen domains that don’t get a lot of mail traffic, that sounds like two dozen required standard aliases if I want to be consistent about postmaster and abuse. I suppose that would work, but what a mess to administer.

Am I wrong about that? Is there a cleaner way to support standard aliases on all of an organization’s WorkMail domains?

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