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My phone is kept always on vibrate mode. When the screen is on and I get an SMS I can see the pop up notification and that’s fine. Problem is when the screen is off – SMS sender name is read out aloud ” Message from [sender name]” preceded by two long vibrations

I find this highly annoying sometimes and found no setting to mute this ( to replicate screen on behavior). I don’t want to activate DND mode because I want to know that I have a text message waiting to be read via vibrate buzz

Surprised to see that no one complains of this on the net so obviously no solution ( Imagine your phone is on vibrate in a meeting but your phone announces to the world message from AXAIRNF or some embarrassing contact name) I tried automation, some Xposed / Magisk modules but none worked

Edit These additional attempts didn’t help

  1. Switching off the notification of SMS app

  2. Trying alternate apps such as Textra etc

  3. Putting the device on low ringer / notification volume when screen is off

  4. Suspecting Text-to-Speech to be the culprit, killed that service when screen is off – no luck

Any solutions # including rooted means?

Mia1 stock 8.1 rooted with Magisk and Xposed (had same problem on 8.0 too). Stock Messaging app

# If you want to suggest automating, please stick to MacroDroid (don’t want to add another automation app just for this). Gravity Box doesn’t help. If your solution involves an alternate messaging app, it should be good at blocking spam SMS / be able to control reading of sender name(Textra already tried)

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