#StackBounty: #power-management #battery #cpu Poor battery life and performance due to incorrect CPU frequency scaling

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lscpu shows a minimum CPU speed of 1600MHz, rather than 400MHz as the actual minimum. This is absolutely killing my battery life (I get about 2-3 hours rather than the 8-10 I get under Windows on the same hardware) and causing the fan to run constantly.

How do I change the minimum CPU scaling speed?

This is on 18.04 x86_64 – Specific hardware is a HP Envy x360 13″ Ryzen 7

affected_cpus                  0
bios_limit                     2200000
cpb                            0
cpuinfo_cur_freq               1600000
cpuinfo_max_freq               2200000
cpuinfo_min_freq               1600000
cpuinfo_transition_latency     0
freqdomain_cpus                0 1
related_cpus                   0
scaling_available_frequencies  2200000 1700000 1600000
scaling_available_governors    conservative ondemand userspace powersave perform                    ance schedutil
scaling_cur_freq               1439222
scaling_driver                 acpi-cpufreq
scaling_governor               powersave
scaling_max_freq               2200000
scaling_min_freq               1600000
scaling_setspeed               <unsupported>

Edit: This appears to be a broad failure to handle frequency scaling. The frequency isn’t increasing under load either. The frequency seems to randomly shift around irrespective of the system load.

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