#StackBounty: #code-signing #policy How to sign code in the cloud after the new 2017 rules?

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It has come to my attention that code signing certificates are from now on required to be paired with physical tokens.

The Minimum Requirements specify that CAs shall ensure stronger protection for private keys. As such, all Code Signing Certificates, not just Extended Validation level, will require a USB token starting on January 30, 2017. With this, all New and Renewal Standard Code Signing orders will be sent a USB token to store the certificate and protect the private key. Also, all standard Code Signing products except for EV Code Signing will be integrated to one “multi-platform” Code Signing Certificate.
Note: Reissues of existing Code Signing Certificates (issued prior to 30 January 2017) will not require a token right away. However, this is subject to change.

As someone who uses a cloud-only workflow, this raises an obvious concern for me – I cannot just plug this USB token into “the cloud”.

Do I understand it right that I will from now on need to set up a separate on-premise code signing process? Or is there some possibility remaining for signing code in the cloud? What are the expectations I should have for working under the new rules?

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