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My system is running on KDE.

I’m using two keyboard layouts: English and Russian (Cyrillic).

KDE Application launcher is configured to activate it’s applet by pressing Meta key (Win key). Usually, I enter the search query immediately after pressing Meta key. Sometimes I forgot to change keyboard layout and search does not provide any results.

For example, I’m searching for Dolphin. I’m writing “Вщдзршт” instead of “Dolphin”. Where “Вщдзршт” is a Cyrillic symbols which are in the same places on keyboard as English letters. Here is example of such keyboard:

enter image description here

For Dolphin I solved this in a very simple way. I added cyrillic equivalent to a description of the Application. Here is how it looks like now:

enter image description here

My question is: Is there any way do it automatically for all applications? Or is there any settings for such things?

KDE Menu Editor
Version 5.8.7

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