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I’m using Magento 1.9.x and trying to change default position number of products.

Ex, when we assign product to category via product page i need to set it to 999 position

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I changed default position field value of catalog_category_product table

enter image description here

But nothing changed.

i changed magentoappcodecoreMageCatalogModelResourceCategory.php

         * Add products to category
        if (!empty($insert)) {
            $data = array();
            foreach ($insert as $productId => $position) {
                $data[] = array(
                    'category_id' => (int)$id,
                    'product_id'  => (int)$productId,
                    'position'    =>  (int)$position ? (int)$position : 999
            $adapter->insertMultiple($this->_categoryProductTable, $data);

but it only effect when adding products to category via category page.

anyone know a solution for this please, Thank You

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