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I have a document library inside an online classic team site. the document library is linked to a term set using a site column named “Keywords” (internal name = “BibliographyKeywords”), as follow:-

enter image description here

And there is already a managed property created for me, inside the search schema for this site column, as follow:-

enter image description here

Now i want inside a modern page to show the documents (from certain sites) which are linked to certain terms inside the Keywords managed property column. so i find the new modern web part named “Highlighted content”, which might help me in achieving this.So i define the following inside the “Highlighted content” web part, as follow:-

  1. for the Type i select “Documents”
  2. for the Filter and sort, i define the owstaxIdBibliographyKeywords managed property.

Here is screenshot of the “Highlighted content” modern web part settings:-

enter image description here

but i could not get things working, where i am facing these issues:-

  1. i got this result, which does not show any document, and not sure what this exactly represents:-

enter image description here

  1. second question , which is less important, now inside the document library i have defined a custom content type. but this cusotm content type is not showing inside the Type drop-down list. so does the “Highlighted content” web part’s Type list only shows built-in Content types?.

enter image description here

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