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I need to generate two random variables – lognormal and beta distributed – while ensuring that the correlation between the two variables is -0.3.

I generated two normal random variables with -0.3 correlation as follows;

matrix C = (1, -0.3  -0.3, 1)
drawnorm x y, mean(0.921, 0) sds(0.174,1) corr(C)
// Here x is normal rv with mean 0.921 and sd 0.174 while y is a standard normal rv. 

Converting x to lognormal is simple. I do this

gen price = exp(x)
// price is now the lognormal(0.921, 0.174)

Problem is in converting y~$N(0,1)$ to $beta(alpha,beta)$. Is there a way to do it?

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