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I have my app on a VPS(Ubuntu Server 18.04), and the host can do weekly backups of all the system.

But this is not enough, so I want to do my own backups(besides I had hosts backup files failing in the past), but not all the system.

  1. I need to do incremental backups of multiple locations.
  2. The incremental backups to be in a folder/director structure(all multiple locations in the same date folder, but remain incremental):
    • folder_name__date1
    • folder_name__date2
    • folder_name__today
  3. Automate the process, to be done daily

  4. Maintain a local backup of the folder/files structure
  5. Update to a cloud (DropBox, Box), but before updating archive the backups with passwords

I read about rsync and chron, but it I don’t know:

  • how to do the increment using folders
  • archive/update to cloud
  • automate all process using bash

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