#StackBounty: #windows-7 #partitioning #mbr #clone #acronis-trueimage WD Edition of Acronis True Image makes unbootable drive

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https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=10445 indicates the WD edition of Acronis True Image will not be a bootable drive. How might a cloned drive (MBR partition table, not GPT, since original created with Windows 7) imaged with this app be made bootable?

Note: Had I restored onto a new SSD using Acronis True Image Home, but it won't boot; how do I make the system boot from the new SSD? solved the problem according to its original poster, I would think that a reasonable solution. When I read it before posting, I saw it did not, therefore, since there’s no canonical answer, don’t believe this is a duplicate.

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