#StackBounty: #hard-drive #bios BIOS freezes when USB hard drive is plugged in

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I have a Fit-PC3 with a Phoenix BIOS (Securecore Tiano v2.1), and when I turn it on with a Samsung 3TB USB external hard drive (similar to this) plugged it, it freezes on the BIOS screen (I am unable to press F2 to enter the BIOS setup).

When I unplug the drive, it boots fine. I can then plug in the drive later, and it works perfectly.

I have changed the boot order in the BIOS, so my internal HD is listed first, and the external HD is listed second, and marked as disabled (there is an “!” next to it).

I have turned off UEFI boot and turned on Legacy mode.

I have overwritten the master boot record on the drive with zeroes using dd.

I have tried plugging it into different USB ports.

Possible duplicates: Ext HDD = Frozen @ Splash Screen, Shuttle FB51 mobo does not boot with external USB drive attached

Any ideas how to get it to boot?

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