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I am using Asterisk as my PBX. On my sip.conf I used to have this option enabled:


more info about qualify can be found in HERE.

Thanks to that option I was able to tell if phones (peers) where connected or not. When I ran the command sip show peers on asterisk CLI I was able to see which phones where connected and which phones where disconnected (unreachable).

For some reason the qualify=yes option was giving me a lot of problems. Phones got disconnected and reconnected. Because of that reason several calls where lost. This lead me to have to place qualify=no on my sip.conf.

So now that I have disabled the qualify option I am trying to find a way to tell if the peers are reachable or not. Perhaps there is a way to send a ping message to a peer?. For example I can call a peer and if the phone rings I know the peer is connected. But how can I do this without having to place a phone call?

Please note that the PBX is in the cloud (public ip). The peers are inside a network. So I see the same public IP address for all the peers.

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