#StackBounty: #sound #pulseaudio #laptop #alsa #hda-intel HDAJackRetask gives new audio settings in alsamixer, but they don't work

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  1. Problem(s):
    • The subwoofer does not work on Lenovo Y720 on Ubuntu 18.04, so I have
      changed some pins in HDAJackRetask. I tried over 30 combinations,
      most of them gave me the same output, so here is what I found the
      best output with the most settings.

enter image description here

  1. What information I have collected from HDAJackRetask:
    • LFE and surround are two new settings which i did not have before.
      The problem is however, that they don’t seem to do anything, I can’t
      even adjust the LFE as it has no slider and the surround adjustment
      does no effect at all.
    • In the screenshot there is also the pin "0x14" which is the
      internal speaker. If I override that to "Internal speaker (LFE)" or
      "Internal speaker (Back)" I will suddenly get a lot more sound
      profiles in the Ubuntu settings, 2.1, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 etc. but no
      matter what I choose it will result in no sound at all, so I stopped
      overriding that.
    • With the HDAJackRetask configuration above, I get two profiles in the
      Ubuntu sound settings. One called "Analog Stereo Output" (which is
      my standard) and "Analog Surroind 4.0 Output". Both works.
    • After reading several posts about this problem and tracking the bug
      on launchpad, it seems that 0x17 is the subwoofer, but turning it on still does nothing.
  2. List of everything I have tried:
    • HDAJackRetask: With the description above.

    • Ubuntu settings: On a fresh install there is only one kind of ouput speakers, which is analog built in, so there is nothing to look up in settings.

    • File changes: I added: load-module module-combine channels=6 channel_map=front-left,front-right,rear-left,rear-right,front-center,lfe
      at the end of /etc/pulse/default.pa and edited a line in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf from "enable-lfe-remixing: no" to "enable-lfe-remixing: yes". Please note that by doing this I actually got a subwoofer sound setting under settings, but it does not do anything, there is no difference in sound when it’s on or off.

    • GitHub Lenovo Y50 script: https://github.com/dragosprju/y50-subwoofer-linux-enabler without any luck too.

    • HDA Analyzer: I tried disabling power saver on the pins, look here for more: Lenovo Y50 Subwoofer does no work with Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS

  3. The bug can be found at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/1553685

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