#StackBounty: #ext4 #tmpfs #sparse-files What could explain this strange sparse file handling of/in tmpfs?

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On my ext4 filesystem partition I can run the following code:


#create sparse 100M file on ${fs}
dd if=/dev/zero of=${fs}/sparse100M conv=sparse seek=$((100*2*1024-1)) count=1 2>/dev/null

#show its actual used size before
echo "Before:"
ls ${fs}/sparse100M -s

#setting the sparse file up as loopback and run md5sum on loopback
losetup /dev/loop0 ${fs}/sparse100M 
md5sum /dev/loop0

#show its actual used size afterwards
echo "After:"
ls ${fs}/sparse100M -s

#release loopback and remove file
losetup -d /dev/loop0
rm ${fs}/sparse100M

which yields

0 sparse100M
2f282b84e7e608d5852449ed940bfc51  /dev/loop0
0 sparse100M

Doing the very same thing on tmpfs as with:



0 /tmp/sparse100
2f282b84e7e608d5852449ed940bfc51  /dev/loop0
102400 /tmp/sparse100M

which basically means that something I expected to merely read the data, caused the sparse file to “blow up like a balloon”?

I expect that is because of less perfect support for sparse file in tmpfs filesystem, and in particular because of the missing FIEMAP ioctl, but I am not sure what causes this behaviour? Can you tell me?

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