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I am trying to compare some metrics on the same data set. So, I calculated some performance measures and I got the results for each metric.

My question is how to know if there are significant differences between the results. Is there any statistical test can help to find the statistically significant difference of each row in the table below. Do the t-test and ANOVA works for that.

For example, in the table below. Is there a statistically significant difference between accuracy 95.43, 95.78, 96.66 ,… and so on for other performance measures such as Sensitivity, F1 score etc. I am also not familiar with Kappa and Mcnemar’s Test p-value from classification results.

Note: I have checked other related questions, but I did not find a helpful answer. Also, my question is not only about accuracy but also for other performance measures.

I will really appreciate an informative detailed answer with an application.

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