#StackBounty: #multisite #migration #cookies #domain-mapping Trying to migrate a WordPress Multisite with Domain Mapping

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I’ve really gotten myself into a pickle here.

So I currently have a site www.company.com which has multiple wordpress installs at



company.com/site3 (linking domain: awesomecompany.com)

company.com/site4 (linking domain: okaycompany.com)

And I started working on a multisite to replace that site at company.com/newsite/

Which currently has links with



company.com/newsite/site3 (mapped from awesomecompany.com)

company.com/newsite/site4 (mapped from okaycompany.com)

I was able to map the pages, but ended up with 500 server errors for every page except the home page. I updated my .htaccess for site1 and site2 to make company.com point to company.com/newsite

But I think that throws off the former domain mapping.

I reverted everything back until I have a solid gameplan, am I making this more diffciult than it should be?

Any help would be great!

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