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With Content-Security-Policy headers there is often a need to send more than one such header or to union merge these headers before sending them. This arises from the fact that each module/package of an application may define its own CSP.

Right now ZF3 doesn’t seem to have a way to handle such a scenario. If I try to add multple CSP headers, they keep overwriting each other so that only the last added header is sent.

Code to reproduce the issue

$headers = $controller->getResponse()->getHeaders();
$headers->addHeader(new ContentSecurityPolicy($someDirectives));
$headers->addHeader(new ContentSecurityPolicy($someOtherDirectives));

Expected results

The expected result is a response with two CSP headers (OR a union merged CSP).

Actual results

The second addition overwrites the first, the response only contains that one CSP.


How can I make ZF3 send multple headers with the same fieldname?

For more information about this problem, also see my own issue on github https://github.com/zendframework/zend-http/issues/159

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