#StackBounty: #python #deep-learning #matlab #numpy What is faster matlab formatted data (.mat) or numpy files (.npy)

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I am working on a deep learning problem which is cancer aid detection, in which predictors and response (i.e. features and labels) are images with size 250×250. I have hardware limitations and I run out of memory, after which I decided to convert images to Matlab formatted files (“.mat”), it made some good enhancements. However, memory issue still exists. I have explored some resources in which they highly recommend using numpy files (“.npy”).

As it would be a bit costly to do that change (transforming images to numpy files) I needed to make sure first that it would really make a difference.

I am not asking for memory enhancements algorithms (e.g. batching). Just the difference between “.mat” and “.npy”.

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