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I have installed SQL Server Management Studio v17.9 on a clean Windows 10 installation. This associated all .sql files with SSMS.

I want to associate .sql files with a plain text editor (eg: Sublime) but I am unable to change the default application. I have tried:

  • Right click .sql file -> Open With -> Sublime + “Always use this program”.
  • Settings -> Default Applications by File Type -> Find .sql -> Change to Sublime
  • Right click .sql file -> Properties -> “Change” button -> Sublime.
  • Using ftype via elevated command prompt as seen here

In all 3 cases, my selection is not reflected in any way, anywhere. The icon remains SSMS, and the file opens with SSMS.

Is there some kind of “File Association retention” setting within SSMS I am unaware of?

Edit: I can change the default application for non-SSMS-associated extensions without issue.

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