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I have a web project which is developed by asp.net

In my web project, i have a page called as (MainPage). In MainPage according to query string, the last user can see a survey edit form (www.a.com?entity=survey@op=edit) or a parameter insertion form (www.a.com?entity=parameter&op=add) or etc….

The query string examples above are just examples since i encrypt them and actually the last user see some complex words on url

ex: www.a.com?saşlfas571=sflkmlm11sd&13kjn13=1378183

Moreover, in MainPage i m loading a javascript called as MainPageJs and it shows correct js codes according to query string.

I m loading MainPageJs in MainPage.cshtml

@section scripts{



The below code shows that how MainPageJs works

 string res = "";
 if (queryString == "parameter")
       res = "var a = 1;";
 if (queryString == "survey")
      res = "var a = 2;";
 if (queryString == "user")
      res = "var a = 3;";

 return JavaScript(res.ToString()); 

Now the thing I wonder is that,

  1. Does my code style have any security problems?
  2. Does my web page have any security vulnerability?
  3. Does this style have a JavaScript code injection vulnerability?

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