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I have an encrypted, password-protected sparsebundle that I occasionally mount and unmount from the terminal. I want the system to ask for the password every time I mount it, but for some reason it keeps remembering.

This is how I mount it: hdiutil attach ~/path/to/my/bundle -mountpoint ~/my/mountpoint

These are some of the ways I’ve tried to unmount it:

hdiutil detach -force ~/path/to/my/bundle
hdiutil detach -force /Users/me/path/to/my/bundle
hdiutil eject -force ~/path/to/my/bundle
diskutil eject ~/path/to/my/bundle
diskutil unmount force ~/path/to/my/bundle

(I’ve read here that hdiutil unmount is not sufficient to make the system forget the password.)

However, whatever I try, the system “helpfully” remembers the password each time.

Only when I use the eject button in Finder, does the system forget the password.

Also, there is no entry in my keychain that suggest the password has been cached. (At least, I can’t find it. There are none with kind disk image password.)

I’ve even created a new sparsebundle, with a new name and a different password, but the problem persists.

What am I missing here? How can I make sure the sytem always asks for the password, each time I mount the sparsebundle?

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