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Process Monitor allows great power when it comes to filtering, but it doesn’t do something which seems extremely simple and beneficial, which is to simply allow the option to remove rows which are nearly the same, and where there can be hundreds or thousands of these rows, and they really complicate trying to find other transactions.

For example, take a look at this image:=

enter image description here

(I censored some info with the red bar, but they’re all the same filename).

Wouldn’t it be great to be rid of that file ending with .automaticDestinations-ms, even if it’s just for the same second’s worth of time? It can always allow it again, after a second’s worth of transactions has passed.

Here’s another example:

enter image description here

Again, I don’t want to see Irfanview updating its .ini file 1 zillion times, specifying every single time it locks, queries, reads, writes, unlocks, or whatever else it apparently wants to do.

Is there a way to do remove these duplicates from Process Monitor, or perhaps there’s similar software that can perform this fundamental task?

To be clear, I only want the duplicates gone, I would still like to see one UNIQUE entry for any of these transactions.

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