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I am in search of a solution for a project that is strictly a newsletter/notification service, but with a bit of specific functionality.

On the front end, the user will sign up and then select a series of categories and subcategories they are interested in.

On the back end is mostly just data entry. Adding items to a database that are tagged with the aforementioned categories and subcategories.

The bit responsible for the emailing would send periodic emails based on the user’s settings. So if they’re signed up for instant notification, they would get an email immediately after an item is entered into the database. If they’re set up for hourly or daily, then they would get emails with a list of items at those intervals.

I’m absolutely fine putting a few scripts together or buying something, or even using WordPress with some plugins. But, after a lot of searching, I have yet to find something that functions beyond a simple newsletter management.

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