#StackBounty: #fsck #18.10 Can't run fsck in recovery mode in 18.10. Disk is mounted r/w

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New problem in 18.10…

I just discovered that the way I’ve always used fsck at the root access in recovery mode no longer works. It used to be:

fsck -f /

But now it tells me that the disk is mounted r/w, and it won’t run. Sure enough the disk IS mounted r/w. This is new behavior. Trying to remount the disk as ro doesn’t work either.

mount -o remount,ro /

And, running fsck from the recovery mode menus doesn’t work either.

Running fsck while booted to a Ubuntu Live USB works of course.

Anybody got an idea why I can’t fsck in recovery mode, and what’s changed that causes the disk to be mounted r/w?

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