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I am using SmartTable with property useTablePersonalisation set to true which generates P13n dialog by button enter image description here. According to the manual I should be able to change data type of filter operator:

The second field offers an operator for specifying the filter in more detail. The operators that are available depends on the data type of the selected column.

I want to change it to “string type”, because I want to get this option:

enter image description here

Now I have this option, which is autogenerated for “number type”, but it is defined as Edm.String in the backend entity:

enter image description here

As it can be seen from manual:
enter image description here

Please do you have any idea how to resolve this issue?

Here is my xml code:

                        <smartTable:SmartTable id="idSmartTable" smartFilterId="idSmartFilterBar" tableType="ResponsiveTable" entitySet="AbcSet"
                        useVariantManagement="false" useTablePersonalisation="true" header=" " showRowCount="true" enableAutoBinding="true" useExportToExcel="false"
                        <Table growing="true" mode="None">
                                        <core:CustomData key="p13nData" value='{"columnKey": "Abc","leadingProperty": "Abc","sortProperty": "Abc","filterProperty": "Abc"}'/>
                                    <header><Text text="{i18n>Abc}" wrapping="false"/></header>
                                        <Text text="{Abc}"/>                                            

I was trying to change data type to “sap.ui.model.type.String” of CustomData in the xml table definition or in the ColumnListItem but maybe I am doing something wrong. I must use 1.38 UI5 version.

Thanks for any device.

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