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I have Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS installed. Previously I got this problem on MATE 17.10.
I like old-fashioned Human-Clearlooks theme, so I installed human-theme package.

But it has strange silver background color in window titlebar:

incorrect silver color in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS MATE

In 16.04 LTS it has normal Ubuntu orange color – see screenshot for comparison below:
correct orange color in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS MATE

I have already reported bug 1721955 to LaunchPad, it confirmed by other user.

How can I debug the issue? Do you have any ideas?

How to get GTK2-based themes working again in GTK3-based Ubuntu?

Update 20180505: Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS is affected too. We have a discussion on ubuntu-mate.community.

Update 20190128: Ubuntu MATE 18.10 and upcoming 19.04 are affected too.

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