#StackBounty: #landscape #afterpage #sidewaysfigure How to make figures appear landscape properly?

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I know of two options to put figures in landscape.

The first is to use the sidewaysfigure environment. This works very well when it comes to keeping the sequence of figures. However, it leaves the page in portrait and turns the figure instead which makes it hard to read online. I also could not figure out how to put several figures (not sub-figures) on one page.

The second is to use a combination of the landscape environment and afterpage. This works very well when it comes to showing pages in landscape with the figures easily readable. However, this messes up the sequence of floats. (See sidewaysfigure and landscape and, for the numbering problem, How to get landscape float with correct numbering?.)

Is there a proper way to get the best of both worlds, i.e. landscape pages while keeping the order of figures?

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