#StackBounty: #php #wp-query #query #search #tax-query How to create a WP_Query to search the Title or Tag?

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I have created a search using WP_Query, it seems like this query is looking for the queried term in title AND tags.

Is there a way to have this search the title OR tags?

$s = $request['s'];
$tags = str_replace(' ', '-', strtolower($request['s']));

$paged = $request['page'];
$posts_per_page = $request['per_page'];

$result = new WP_Query([
    'post_type'         => 'post',
    'category__in'      => 3060,
    'posts_per_page'    => $posts_per_page,
    'paged'             => $page,
    'orderby'           => 'date',
    'order'             => 'desc',
    's'                 => $s,
    'tag'               => array($tags)

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