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I’ve managed to successfully configure mailchimp with cloudflare (using CNAME and TXT records as advised here: https://bobandedovic.com/blog/technology/how-to-authenticate-a-domain-name-on-mailchimp-using-cloudflare-cname-bypass-solution).

The problem is that I need it to work for subdomains instead (e.g. email.[mydomain].com).

I’m reluctant to just play about with the DNS records until it works since I appreciate the DNS takes time to refresh and I don’t want to have to re-authenticate with mailchimp every time.


Does anybody know how the CNAME and TXT records should look when using subdomains as opposed to just the root?

For example, CNAME is currently:

k1._domainkey (pointing to dkim.mcsv.net)

Should this be:

k1._domainkey.[mySubDomain] instead?

And TXT file is currently:

[myDomain].com (pointing to v=spf1 include:servers.mcsv.net)

Should this be:

[mySubDomain].[myDomain].com instead?

Any help or pointers in the right direction very much appreciated with this one, in desperate need of getting it configured asap.

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