#StackBounty: #nginx #performance Nginx thousands of server config files very slow to reload (nginx -s reload)

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I have one master nginx.conf where I include the rest of my servers (sever blocks) with the include directive:

include myservers/*.conf;

My problem is when I have a new configuration file in myservers/ I need to reload the nginx with nginx -s reload

The problem takes long time to reload the server takes 1 minute and this is going to grow, because I will have more and upstream servers.

Do you see any technique to improve this?

The only solution I have found for now is the paid version of Nginx Nginx Plus API https://docs.nginx.com/nginx/admin-guide/load-balancer/dynamic-configuration-api/ where you can add new upstream severs dynamically with a REST API without any reload.

Also I was thinking to have a kind sharding technique with one master wirth hash keys to slave servers (like elasticsearch with the RAFT algorithm to keep the consensus state) so when you need to update you have only reload one slave server with less upstream servers.

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