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Consider the following code

documentclass{svmono}% Version 5.5, available from https://www.springer.com/gp/authors-editors/book-authors-editors/manuscript-preparation/5636
%usepackage[labelsep=space,justification=RaggedRight,labelfont={small,bf},textfont={small},skip=0pt]{caption}%%% Possible in an MWE, but leads to a different style than prescribed by Springer. It is difficult to reduce the vertical gap ONLY; including this package introduces a whole bunch of other changes.
figcapgap=0pt%%% only for svmono, won't work with article
tabcapgap=0pt%%% doesn't help either, as noticed by Axel
  Line 1\
  Line 9\[-.8baselineskip]%
  caption{Too much space between the line just above and this caption.}%

The result is roughly as follows (I can’t upload the image for an unknown reason; SE says imgur rejects the request):

Line 1
Line 9

Spec. 1  Too much space between the line just above and this caption.

How to reduce the gap between the second horizontal rule and the caption? My standard solution is to insert something like \[-.3baselineskip]% as a new line right before caption{...}, but the actual gap (-.3baselineskip above) is a wild guess and thus fragile, as well as the other hardcoded skips you see in the code. In general, I would like to reduce the hardcoding of the adjustments one by one. In this question, I would like to get rid of just one vertical gap, namely the one before the caption, in an automatic way. I know how to do it in the article class, and I know how to do it with the package caption, which, however, changes the defaults a lot (which is NOT wanted in this question). As the reader might see in the source code, I tried to set some lengths known to me to 0pt, but nothing helped.

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