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After updating to iOS 12.1.2, and updating new version from App Store. App keeps crashing on launch.

Got the report from crashlitics but not helpful. Anyone can suggest what to do?

Date: 2019-01-03T06:48:00Z

OS Version: 12.1.2

Device: iPhone XS Max

RAM Free: 3.8%

Disk Free: 81.6%

1. Crashed: com.apple.root.default-qos

0 libsystem_kernel.dylib 0x22193fdd4 __abort_with_payload + 8
1 libsystem_kernel.dylib 0x221939594
abort_with_payload_wrapper_internal + 104 2 (Missing)
0x28ec82219395c8 (Missing) 3 (Missing)
0x4a728224c6f9fc (Missing) 4 (Missing)
0x6d688224c6f92c (Missing) 5 (Missing)
0x66cd0224c73cbc (Missing) 6 (Missing)
0x3e2e8221a01324 (Missing) 7 (Missing)
0x748c02219f4430 (Missing) 8 (Missing)
0x130d02217b9378 (Missing) 9 (Missing)
0x1b1382217d0f28 (Missing) 10 (Missing)
0x552902217c8e74 (Missing) 11 (Missing)
0x613182219b9b30 (Missing) 12 (Missing)
0x39f882219bfdd4 (Missing)

0. com.apple.main-thread

0 “libobjc.A.dylib” 0x220facf4c
_NXMapMember(_NXMapTable*, void const*, void**) + 232

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