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Initially my app belongs to a different Apple ID, I have transferred my app to another Apple ID.
I debugged a few problems with X-code and simulated and everything works fine.
Then I created a new provision profile and tried to archive the App to AppStore. This is when I got the following problem.

RootviewController.h and RegisterViewController.h cannot detect the UIDownpicker.h file

Downpicker file not found


But the error doesn’t show here. UIDownpicker.h file is detected at ProfileEdit.h No error here, I don’t get it.


I have install UIDownpicker POD. But the error still exists.

POD Installed

The interface builder, the RootViewController and RegisterViewController is out of the Tab Bar Controller. Is it the cause?

Interface Builder

To all the gurus out there, please help me.

After following the bottom suggestions, I have continue to build with error and my error logs is as follow:

All these files were once working and I have no idea why it is all can’t detected.

error log1
error log2
error log3
error log4
error log6
error log7
error log8
error log9
error log10
error log11
error log12
error log13
error log14

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