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I have a data set of photos containing an object in each of them. I want to find out the coordinates of rectangle enclosing the object.

Note that each photo contains exactly 1 object (for example, if there is a pair of shoes in the photo it is to be treated as one object), and the photos are taken in a simple white background. But the images do not contain one class of objects, the object can be anything.

I have a training set, consisting of photos, and the coordinates of the rectangle enclosing the object for these photos. And I want to find the coordinates of the enclosing rectangle, given a new photo (exactly 1 object, photos taken in simple white background).

I searched a lot for a method to do so, and found resources for achieving localization with classification, but neither do I want to classify the objects nor do I have class labels in my training set.

I also thought edge detection and object segmentation methods could be useful.

However, I feel that my task is much simpler since I know that I have to localize only 1 object in an image and the background is also simple, so there must be some simple methods I am overlooking.

Any guidance is much appreciated, and I am relatively new to machine learning so I would be grateful for guidance to implement the appropriate technique.

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