#StackBounty: #facebook #facebook-pages Business account claim another person's business page for which I am the administrator

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Here is the scenario:

Another person no longer associated with our business created some pages for the business on their personal profile. The owner of the personal profile is currently an editor for the pages and another person in our company is the sole administrator of the pages.

We intend to create a business manager account and add our pages to it following this page


  1. Will this work if the owner of the business account is not the owner of the existing business page but is an administrator?

  2. Will all posts, likes and follows of the business page be transferred along with the page to the new account?

  3. One of the business pages in question has 3 apps attached to it. Will they be transferred as well?

  4. Will the FB ads pixel be transferred with the page?

  5. Currently, we use ads manager from the profile owner’s login. Do we need to create a new ads manager account after moving the pages? Can we still get access to that ads account once the page is moved? is the ads account attached to the page?

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