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Given a flat one dimensional array of type TreeNode (see interface definition below), I would like to traverse the array and add subsequent array elements as children.

Would be great to do recursively, my shot at non-recursion uses a buffer, but the issue I am facing is how to do node.children[0].children[0]...children[0] as notice that there is only one child per parent.

    Childify(results: TreeNode[]): any {
    var node: TreeNode;
    var buffer: TreeNode;
    var count: number = 0;

    for (var res of results) {
        if (count == 0) {
            node = res[0];
            buffer = res[0];
            buffer.children = [];
            node.children = [];
        } else if (count == 1) {
            buffer.children = res[0];
        } else {
            node = buffer;
            node.children = [];
            buffer = <TreeNode>node.children;


Interface definition:

export interface TreeNode {
label?: string;
data?: any;
icon?: any;
expandedIcon?: any;
collapsedIcon?: any;
children?: TreeNode[];  <---------------
leaf?: boolean;
expanded?: boolean;
type?: string;
parent?: TreeNode;
partialSelected?: boolean;
styleClass?: string;
draggable?: boolean;
droppable?: boolean;
selectable?: boolean;


The input:

TreeNode[] = [treeNode1, treeNode2, treeNode3,

The output is a TreeNode object, nested by the children property (which is also of TreeNode type):

TreeNode = treeNode1
treeNode1.children = treeNode2
treeNode2.children = treeNode3
treeNode3.children = treeNode4
treeNodeX-1.children = treeNodeX

I don’t know how to envoke treeNode1.children[0].children[0]……children[0] dynamically for X number of children in a loop, to assign to the next level of children in treeNode1.

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