#StackBounty: #networking #wireless-networking #dns #bluetooth How does expressjs serve website over bluetooth without internet?

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Trying to make an app that would work for clubs that meet in locations without internet or wifi (ie church basements).

I found this question and answer, but found no hope https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10502645/serving-a-local-website-via-bluetooth-to-a-cellphone-without-using-the-internet since the top answer was super high level from 2011.

I then found this from 2014

This part worked:

You need to make it work, by assigning blutooth PAN a
manually assigned ip address. subnet and in router address field, provide DNS as and second dns Of course enable the internet sharing beforehand.

My Mac was serving on localhost:9190 and I was able to go to http://macname.local:9190 to hit my website where macname is what showed up in my “Sharing” system settings when doing Internet Sharing from Bluetooth PAN to computers using Bluetooth PAN.

I celebrated this working, but I have no idea what the DNS bit is for, given I never type those numbers. What am I doing manually that makes this work? Ensuring that the ip and router are the same address? I tested this with zero internet (wifi off) on my laptop. Really just looking to understand why/how this works

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