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The last month our shop www.sinful.eu (which has 5 multiple shops), has been experiencing double tax issues. We have over the last month had this issue 3 times. The problem is solved doing the following:

  1. OP Cache flush

  2. Magento cache flush

  3. Server reboot

The double tax applies as customers add products to the basket. Nothing seems to trig this issue, as it has appeared even on days we haven’t been at work.

Our Tax calculation is setup like this:

  • Tax Calculation Method Based On: Total
  • Tax Calculation Based On: Shipping address

  • Catalog prices: including tax

  • Shipping prices: Including tax

  • Klarna invoice fee prices: Including tax

  • Apply customer tax: Before discount

  • Apply discount on prices: Including tax

  • Apply tax on: Customer price if available

  • Enable cross border trade: No

  • Default Country: Denmark

  • Default post code: *

Our Tax classes are setup correct aswell.

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