#StackBounty: #boot #raspi-config Forcing raspi-config to run automatically on next boot, but only once

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Once the RasPi boots for first time, it shows the raspi-config utitliy. But on next boot it’s gone.

I would like to run it during first boot, do some configuration stuff, and then re-enable it in order to automatically run one more time on the next (or second) boot. I found this link, but it seems that it’s outdated and couldn’t make it work: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=103512

In summary, what I need is:

  • 1st Boot: Run it automatically.
  • 2nd Boot: run it automatically.
  • Never run it again automatically

Is there a command that I can run on the terminal before shutting down the RasPi (during first boot) that re-enables raspi-config to automatically run on the next start? Or is there something I can edit in a configuration file?

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