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I’m using Sublime on a Mac. I’ve found that it uses 2 layers of tabs depending on how I open a file (see screenshot).

enter image description here

  • If I open a file using File->Open it will put it in the lower level of tabs (which is contained within one of the tabs at the top level)
  • If I open a file by going to it in Finder, right clicking -> Open With -> Sublime Text, it will create a new top level of tabs.

I don’t really find it useful to have things divided in 2 ways like this. I would like to only have the lower level of tabs, like the below (this is how it looks before you open a second tab at the top level, i.e. when there is only one top level it is hidden by default):

enter image description here

So my question is, how can I either disable the top level of tabs, or get it so that right clicking on a file and using “Open With” doesn’t use the top level? I am new to Mac and I can’t tell if the top level of tabs is something built into Mac OS or if this is a Sublime setting that I can change. But I haven’t found what I need in the Sublime settings.

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