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In Google Photos, when I view an individual photo in my web browser and click on the “i” (with a circle around it) to bring up the photo info, at the bottom of the info it says “Where was this taken?” I click on this and it brings up a dialogue box that says “Edit location” with a space to enter a location. I enter the latitude and longitude (because there is no close place name and I want to enter exactly where it was taken, not miles away), which I obtained from Google Maps, but nothing happens. I hit enter to commit the location, and still, nothing happens. It won’t save my location! If I just close the dialogue, it is still asking me where the photo was taken.

Eventually, I would like to automate this process, as I have GPS data that I can correlate the time the picture was taken to the lat/long I was at at the time. How can I get Google Photos to accept this information?

Update: One extra reason for wanting to add GPS coordinates is that I have a lot of pictures for which I know the exact address, but for whatever reason, Google Photos refuses to recognize the address, even when I copy it directly from Google Maps!

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