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I’ve made a visualization using Bokeh and tested it with my iMac 27 inches and everything was fine. However, when working on my notebook, 15 inches, I’ve noticed that things become messy:

enter image description here

As can be seen by the histogram in the bottom, there is more available space to the left, where this whole “box” with the black image and classifiers should be. I’m not sure why this is happening and how to fix it.

The code is not small, but these are the sizes of my figures and the layout used:

// black square
pi = figure(plot_width=230, plot_height=160)
// Left histogram
pv = figure(plot_height=380, plot_width=235)
// Tab
p = figure(plot_width=640, plot_height=480)
// Bottom histogram
ph = figure(plot_width=880, plot_height=200

// Layout
l = column(
    row(column(tabs, t_slider),
        column(pi, pv)

I expected the slide+tabs and black square+histogram to be in two columns, side by side, as it was when using a bigger display. I thought that Bokeh wasn’t using all available space due to some css configuration. However, from the bottom histogram is possible to see that there is space to put this second box in the appropriated position.

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