#StackBounty: #virtual-machine #iproute #firejail #veth How to set up several virtual networks – sharing eth0 connection, or only-local…

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I wish to generate a number of virtual Ethernet ports to be used for containers and VMs, for the three following scenarios:

  1. Sharing the existing eth0 which has previously been assigned an IP address by DHCP – switching it if you will – but disallowing connections (isolated network, for processes in containers hiding other processes).
  2. Allowing local-only connections, only seeing things on the local host but hiding external (for containered processes not allowed to connect to the outside world, like unplugging eth0 cable then running it).
  3. Allowing local (existing as well as sharing existing eth0 interface.

The resulting ip commands would be setting up the interface plus the firewall rules (iptables / bpfilter) and possibly masquerading settings.

PS: “Container” as above = (kernel) namespaces + cgroups + seccomp as created by programs like bwrap and firejail.

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