#StackBounty: #domain-name-system #vpn #web-server Windows Server as web server with VPN and DNS resolving incorrectly – options?

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I originally posted this on the networking site, but have been advised to post here:

I have my own HP Gen8 server running Windows Server 2012 R2.

I’ve worked in I.T all my life but struggle sometimes with networking so wondering what my options are here.

The server does many things, but one aspect of the server is it’s a web server (hosting websites in IIS). It is also a DNS server and runs on a static IP address.

I’d like the server to run constantly on a VPN (I run the PIA client on other devices), however running the VPN on the server causes my external IP address to change, therefore all websites are inaccessible and DNS does not resolve.

What are my options for being able to run a VPN on this box? Another network card? If so, how do I route the traffic? Up to now I’ve had a VM running but that’s a very heavy resource to use for the sake of running a VPN to manage certain tasks. Likewise, setting the VPN on a router would also cause the same issue with the external IP address.

Thanks in advance!

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