#StackBounty: #asp.net-core-2.0 #sustainsys-saml2 #gluu SustainSys.Saml2 on ASP.NET Core 2 – GetExternalLoginInfoAsync() returns null

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I’m integrating SustainSys.Saml2, with Gluu server as my IdP. I’m using the scaffolded Identity pages out of the box. When I run in localhost, and I view the console log everything seems to work with the SAML communication, and I even see a couple lines that read:

Successfully processed SAML response Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens.Saml2.Saml2Id and authenticated
AuthenticationScheme: Identity.External signed in.

Unless I’m mistaken, that indicates everything’s good on the SAML end of things. But what I don’t then understand is why, in ExternalLogin.OnGetCallbackAsync, the command

var info = await _signInManager.GetExternalLoginInfoAsync();

finds info set to null.

For the record, in Startup.cs, I have:

  .AddSaml2(options =>
    options.SPOptions.EntityId = new EntityId("{entityId}");
      new IdentityProvider(new EntityId("{entityId}"), options.SPOptions)
        Metadatalocation = "{metadataURL}",

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